samples of small covered bottles
(which could be used for Bottles of Hope as well) return to main BOH page, click

tiny snowglobes
& waterglobes containing
glycerin/water & polyester glitter --one with beads/other bits, the other with clay scene & snow
"business card" I gave to potential donors, so they
would remember to save bottles and have telephone
number to call when ready
various kinds of very small bottles: 2 injection bottles,
contact lens bottles (screw-on & stopper), Heparin?
bottle with metal top
(which is covering a rubber stopper)
opening Heparin with bottle opener... I found this tool more difficult than pliers
short lengths of PVC pipe "containers" with stamped, powdered stopper tops (bottoms are clay) ...I used them to hold small amounts of metallic powders to give as a sampler top, is a tray of various eyeshadows, blushes, and other chalky powders (it was made in a shallow box top with dividers of plain white Sculpey)
hold bottle upside down and grab top rim of metal with pliers... gently pry metal off bottle
... eventually the stopper will come out with the metal piece return to main BOH page, click